Basement Renovation Ideas That Won’t Cost You Fortune



There is always a search for more space in our homes, whether for extra storage or an additional living zone or a new spot to decorate. Usually we are making space for new things in the rooms that are already filled with useful things that can’t be moved.

However, there is a valuable space in every home that one can use for various purposes, and that’s basement. Basements are a valuable space that can be used for various reasons, but we understand that developing this square footage can be expensive. So we opt for some money saving tips and ideas that can help you renovating this underrated area of your house in most amazing way.

There are budget friendly ways to make the space useful; here is how to get the most out of an unfinished basement without breaking the bank.

Keep The Ceiling Exposed

Covering the ceiling can be the most expensive part of renovation. If you want a makeover, keep the ceilings open. There could be cases of blockage in pipes, which require maintenance that requires the pipes to be removed. If you cover the ceiling, it would be difficult for the experts to work and will eventually ruin the expensive covers that you will use. Rather than covering it, you can paint them. This will give your basement a good look plus paints are comparatively cheaper than the covers available. For some amazing color variety in affordable prize, don’t forget tocheck out to get the selected paint with discounts using discount coupons.

Ditch the Drywall

Drywalls are common these days; you will find them in almost every house. Covering the whole room with the drywall art will look good but it will surely empty your wallet. So, while you are looking for budget friendly ways to decorate your basement, instead of covering the whole room with a dry wall; you can use it on selected walls. It will look good and let you save an ample amount of cash in your pockets. Rest of the walls can be painted with a color that goes with the ceiling and the drywall art. Paints aren’t expensive and can be replaced without much disturbance.

Wow with White

The great way to provide the illusion of light and add height to the ceilings is to paint everything white. White is a very cool color and works with almost everything. The exposed ceilings and walls painted a crisp white; it’s difficult to tell where the walls end and the ceilings begin. White paint has a unique property; it portrays a small room big and makes the room bright and livable when not too much light breaks through and it is the most budget friendly way to make your basement usable. For quality paint visit, coupons are available for customers to shop their desired product with amazing discounts.

Establish a Focal Point

Establish a focal point and then do what you think is good around it. it`s up to you that which part of the room you want to be the center of attraction and makes you feel comfortable. Place things that will be used the most close to that point. For example if you want to make the place where you keep sofas and television the focal point, you can add many things near it to make it look more attractive. Like adding a shelf for books and games will be perfect with graphic rugs and large, soft furniture and lighting bring warmth and life to the space.  The finished decorative and soft furnishing elements add the comforts that make the space feel homey.

Outfit a Laundry Room

Most basements are used to for laundry purposes. However the basement conditions are different when you are using it for launderingstuff. But, for good, while renovating your basement you can outfit your laundry room as well. Painting and adding cabinet in the laundry room will help you keep many things like detergents and other liquids that are used in washing clothes. Furthermore you can add more lightening in the cabinet for clear view.

Adding Workspace

If you are a working person, you can add a working space in your basement. A study table with a study lamp and laptop is what you can keep in to make your work space look good. It is the best space to work as there will be no disturbance and you will be able to concentrate on your work.

From playing smarty by placing mirrors on walls to create illusion to the ones we have featured above, get your basement done with some classic decor.