Boost Up Your Engine Performance With The Help Of Kwik Fit



Just like humans have heart, which is a power source for the whole body, similarly engine is the heart of a car that supplies energy to the whole vehicle to operate perfectly. Most people are very least concerned about the engine performance; some don’t have time to keep it maintained. We humans get sick and to get cure of the sickness, it is important to visit a doctor or consult a specialist. While your car’s engine is losing on the performance and is hesitating in yielding maximum power, you should get it checked.

Machines need maintenance after few years of working. Car is a basic need and is used on daily basis, so it is obvious that it needs a maintenance check up from the experts. If you are one of those, feeling troubled by the engine performance of your car, we have rounded up some useful information from the maintenance experts ‘Kwik Fit’ that can help boost up your engine performance.

Improving Engine Performance

Every engine naturally suffers from build-up carbon over time. The reason is the part of varying quality of fuel available at pumps. This can lead to problems like disturbance of fuel efficiency and emission.  Small of amount of carbon on fuel injectors can affect your engine performance by in taking valves and combustion chambers. Kwik fit has a range of products that are specially created to clean, lubricate and protect your engine and fuel system while preventing unwanted deposits to build-up when used in conjunction with an oil change or regular servicing. Below are some noticed products of kwik fit that can help improving engine performance.

Fuel System Cleaner – The Essential Treatment

Want to clean your fuel system for better performance? Using the essential treatment- fuel system cleaner by kwik fit will help you solve the fuel system issues. It will improve your car’s emission levels with the ultimate tank treatment fuel additives. The cleaner will restore fuel delivery performance in your engine and will lower the chances of harmful exhaust emissions. The fuel system cleaner contains high quality detergents and additives that have been designed specifically for petrol and diesel engines. The cleaner is added directly to the fuel tank, which restores performance and MPG, removing deposits in combustion chambers and restoring flow in fuel injectors.  The cleaner is highly affordable and impactful in providing better engine performance.

Fuel System Cleaner and Engine Cleaner – The Performance Treatment

It is the intermediate treatment package by kwik fit. The package combines fuel system cleaner with oil guard treatment to protect your car’s internal engine components and restore engine performance.  It is compatible with petrol or diesel vehicles and cleans the inside of the engine by dissolving old oil deposits that build up inside while ensuring optimum lubrication of any moving part.  Carbon deposits on the piston rings, reduces fuel economy and increases oil consumption.  With the help of engine treatment, you can get the peak power and improved fuel efficiency.  You can order it online or have it while booking for any service.

Fuel System Cleaner, Engine Cleaner and Oil Cleaner – The Ultimate Treatment

The best performance package kwik fit offers to its customer is the ultimate treatment. The package includes fuel system cleaner, engine cleaner and oil cleaner. The package has everything included in the above stated performance packages with an add on oil supplement to replenish and fortify critical oil additives, reducing wear on engine parts and increasing engine power and performance. Oil system cleaner         is available for both diesel and petrol engines, the treatment can help remove sludge, dirt and varnish left in the engine. The ultimate package is the best performance package comparatively and it is actually better to have the ultimate package as it has more combinations and so will improve the overall performance. Order it online or get it while booking any service.

Kwik fit’s Guarantee of Improved Performance and MPG

The best thing people should know about kwik fit is their customer satisfaction. When purchasing their performance or ultimate engine treatment with your vehicle service, they guarantee for an improved performance and MPG. If you feel that the performance is still the same, the company favors a refund policy. However, terms and conditions apply. To qualify for the refund, you must have driven the vehicle at least 500 miles after getting the treatment and should claim within three months. Contact the responsible and claim your refund.

Kwik fit is a very well known online store and has earned respect with time. It’s the dedication of the team that they are able to expand country wide and have grown trust with their customers.