DIY Projects You Can Make With Balloons



Balloons are cheap and easy to find products. You can get them at every shop or there might be some leftovers from the parties. There are so many varieties of balloons are available in stores like colours, size and shapes. Here are some ideas on how you can use balloons to make unique DIY projects to decorate your home.

Balloon Table Number as a Wedding Decor

The first DIY project you can make with balloons is table numbers. If you are getting married, you can save money by making your own decoration using balloons. Use balloons to entertain your guests. On a card paste a picture of your friends and on the other side of the card write down numbers. Tie the card with balloons that will act as anchors and won’t let balloons fly away. This project will be budget friendly and will be appreciated by your friends.

Balloon Wreath for Birthday Party

The next project can save you hundreds of dollars. If you wish to throw a birthday party and want to give your guests a special treatment, welcoming them with a balloon wreath placed on your door will be fascinating. Wreaths can be expensive if you buy a ready-made from the store. Instead of buying, you can make a birthday wreath at home using balloons and house hold things. You can check the tutorial available online and make a balloon wreath to use it as a birthday décor.

Using Balloons as Photo Backdrop

Are you planning for a photo shoot? Do you feel that photo background needs some improvement? The next DIY balloon project relates with the situation well. You can use balloons to make the dull background bright. It’s a cheap experiment and won’t consume much of your time. With the help of a tape stick bright colour balloons on the wall and make your photo background lively. Moreover, you can make hot air balloon backdrop or balloon clouds backdrop to make your picture backgrounds beautiful while spending the least amount of money.

Balloon Halloween Costume

Are you looking for a cheap Halloween costume to wear this year? You can DIY a Halloween costume using balloons, the cheapest items accessible on the planet. You only get to wear your Halloween costume once a year, so why spending so much money on them. Instead you should try the next experiment and create a comfortable and budget friendly Halloween costume. What you can do is buy a single colour and size balloons and try making something out of it like making a grape costume with balloons. It will be the cheapest Halloween costume as you’ll need purple balloons to make this dress a reality.

Ice Balloons are Good Decor and Chillers

Want to add color to your table décor? Here is a great idea which you can use to make your table look colorful and the best part is that you don’t need to spend hundreds on it. Get a handful of balloons of different colors, fill them with water and freeze them.Take a bowl and put the drinks in it with the freeze water balloons and place them in the bowl.  It will act as a table decor and will chill your drinks at the same time. Helping you with two things while spending very little.

Glitter Balloon Bowl

Glitter balloon bowl is a great decor piece and is easy to make. All the things required are always accessible at your home. Things required are a balloon, mod lodge glue and glitter. The process is very easy and requires less effort to make this amazing bowl. Blow a balloon and place it downwards, then in a bowl mix glue and glitter. After the mixture gets thick, apply it on the balloon. Rest it a side to dry up and after that burst the balloon with a pin. That’s it the glitter bowl is ready to be placed on your table.

Balloon Stress Balls Will Relieve You From Stress

The next project you can make with balloons and clay is a stress ball. If your work is too stressing, then do make a balloon stress ball to release your stress on. All you need to do is fill a balloon with clay and if you want, you can decorate it for more feels.

You can do a lot of things with balloons which are the cheapest items available. These are some of the ideas and you should try to do more DIYs as they cost you much cheaper and are fun to do things.