Makeup Habits That Can Damage Your Skin—Avoid Them To Look Flawless


You feel beautiful if you have a shiny skin, no matter what age, shape or size you are. But if your skin is getting flaky, uneven or breaking out, then there must be some habits that are ruining your skin which you haven’t noticed yet. It may be your eating or cosmetics behaviors that need to be focused.
Yes it is a truth that your makeup also greatly impacts your skin health. And your beauty products contain a lot of bacteria that can affect your skin especially creams and liquid products are most vulnerable. To avoid the skin flare ups, you need to change your makeup activities.
Here we are discussing your makeup practices that you should stop at once. We are not asking you to stop doing makeup as we know that for a stylish lady, makeup is as important as oxygen. But unfortunately heavy makeup on every single day can decay your skin health if you keep following these things in your daily routine mentioned below.

Dirty Brushes
A recent research has proved that the makeup brushes are the most common breeding habitat for bacteria. They react with the pores, acne, dead skin and sweat on your face which can result as skin problems and cause acne too. To avoid this, you have to keep your brushes clean, wash them very often with the help of gentle cleanser or deep cleaning agents that kills the bacteria from the brushes.
Sleeping While MakeupIs Still On:
Although sleeping is a healthy habit but it becomes absolutely worst for your skin if you are wearing makeup while snoozing. It’s because all of the dirt, sweats and environment dust that you have encountered the whole day will react with your skin pores during night. You really need to catch up the time to care your skin at night by washing all the excess oil and pollutants. The clogged pores on your skin are important to be removed for youthful skin.

Sharing your Products:
We have learned from our childhood that “Sharing is Caring” but this must not be effective when it comes to your makeup stuff. Sharing your beauty products with your friends or mates can put you in a big trouble. There should be a big “No” when someone asks you for your makeup kit. A number of medical issues and infections can be raised in sharing the beauty products like cold sores, eye infections and pimples. So, stick to your personal vanity and avoid skin hassles.

Too Many Home Remedies
Home based DIYs can nurture your skin effectively but it can be worst when they are applied frequently. If you have scrubbed baking soda on your face one night and applied apple vinegar the next day, then it will throw off our skin by misbalancing the pH of your skin. Many DIY treatments are formulated as skin care solutions but they can be reactive due to unmatched application.

Makeup All the Day
Putting on heavy makeup all the day may be the requirement of your job but make sure to put it off when you are at home as it poses a negative effect on the skin. Makeup layers on the skin don’t allow the skin to breathe so that the skin cells may rejuvenate.
Applying Low Quality Products
Some of the ladies prefer to but cheap beauty products but when these products are applied on skin for the whole day, they react negatively. They can block the air passage to the skin, clog the pores and can be resulted in acne or flakes.

Popping Pimples
Keeping the hands away from the pimples is difficult but not impossible. Don’t pop your zits or burst small pustules as it leaves the scars and opened pores. Treat your pimples gently instead of popping them.

Not Moisturizing Regularly
Your skin need to be exfoliated and moisturized on regular basis as applying makeup for prolonged periods makes your skin dry and flaky. Use good quality moisturizer or cleanser to smooth your skin and combat the dryness.

Sweat in the Makeup
If you are heading outside in a sunny weather while wearing beauty layers on your face, then your skin is going to be collapsed. It’s because the heat from the sun can break the facial capillaries which stops the blood supply to the face and eventually the skin damage will happen. Also never use a hair dryer or steamer when there’s makeup on your face, so that your skin may remain fresh and glow.